2017 Workshops

Festival workshops are offered every hour and are free with suggested gate donation to all attendees.  The 2017 schedules are linked below and are subject to minor changes if necessary.

Click here for Saturday's Schedule.  (Updated April 26.)

Click here for Sunday's Schedule.  (Updated April 27.)

Note - Jam with Bill Robinson and Friends will include these songs: Festival Rag, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Boil Them Cabbage, Ole Joe Clark, Tennessee Waltz, Hickory Hill, Rachel, and Steppin' Out with George.


Thank You to Our 2017 Instructors

Mike Anderson, Dona Benkert, Ignacio Bixio, Sharon McInnis Broyles, Phil Cooper, Carole Ehrman, Moto Fukushima, Diane Ippel, Hugo Kringle, Annette Lindsey, David Lindsey, Peggy Mistak, Sarah Morgan, Katie Moritz, Dale Palecek, Peggy Peryam, Bill Robinson, Butch Ross, Gary Sager, Toni Sager, Tony Scarimbolo, Cynthia Shelhart, Wayne Simms, Wendy Songe, Ed Trickett, Susan Urban, Rick Veras, Ted Yoder, and Max ZT.